Take Back Your Health

  • Do you suffer from a chronic injury or pain?

  • Are you always tired?

  • Do you have difficulty losing weight?

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Many people suffer from these issues and unfortunately, they are unable to find a solution. Many conditions can be difficult to fix because there is rarely only one cause. Why somebody may be tired or why somebody may be in pain, is often very individualized and it is the result of a hidden underlying cause.

Fortunately, I specialize in providing a thorough and highly individualized treatment approach that digs for these unknown underlying issues.

The current medical model creates a specialist for every type of system; yet the interaction among all systems is rarely addressed. My unique approach understands that everything is interconnected and that anything can cause anything.

Below you will find various health topics. Please click on the health topic for a brief synopsis of how Dr. Cooley may be able to help that condition.

Health Topics

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