Chronic Pain and Injuries

Chronic Pain Relief in Buffalo, NYAnyone who suffers from chronic pain knows how difficult it can be to get through the day. Your pain could be knee arthritis, sciatica, or migraines. If this is something that you have been dealing with for an extended period of time, you most likely tried numerous remedies that brought little or non-lasting relief.  Traditional methods for relieving chronic pain are surgery and prescriptions or a mix of both.  No one wants to envision a future of numerous surgical procedures, nor do they want to become dependent on prescription medication. For many it feels like there is no hope or light at the end of the tunnel.  I assure you there is hope, and I encourage you to recognize the power in natural solutions.

What Causes Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can be the result of hypersensitive nerves and emotional disturbances but for the majority of patients it is caused from chronic inflammation.  Chronic inflammation is the result of immune dysfunction.  The following are causes of immune dysfunction:

  • Dysbiosis (Stealth Infections)
  • Allergies
  • Diet lacking healthy dietary fats (olive oil, grass-fed butter, fish oil) or a diet consisting to much unhealthy fat (trans fats or refined vegetable oils)
  • Excessive toxic exposure
  • Lack of phytonutrients (fruit and vegetable intake)
  • Lack of anti-oxidants
  • Overtraining

How I Can Help You

Treating chronic pain can’t be fixed overnight but I am successful at providing long lasting solutions for my patients because my treatment allows me to identify their cause(s) of chronic pain.  Other practitioners will turn to the first line of defense- prescribe medication to alleviate pain.  They may often have success initially but over time the patient begins to see the pain return.  The reason for the pain returning is that the cause of the pain was never addressed.  Let’s compare this to a home renovation; you can repair a water stain on the surface by replacing the drywall or simply repainting.  The watermark will continue to reappear if the source of the leak is never addressed.  In order to treat chronic pain you need to have a treatment that is adaptable.  My treatment recognizes that immune and nervous system function are constantly changing throughout the healing process and therefore the treatment must be able to identify these changes and make the appropriate recommendations.

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