The Fundamentals of Health

My treatment specializes in finding specific stressors and remedies that will improve your health. However, many people can improve their overall health by focusing on the three fundamentals of health; namely Nutrition, Movement, and the living the Aerobic Lifestyle.


Nutrition doesn’t have to be as complicated as everyone makes it out to be. The simple way to decipher is something is beneficial to your health is to ask “does it come from the farm or does it come from a  factory?” When you think of food in these terms you will find yourself shopping on the outer aisles of the grocery store, eating less processed foods, and eating foods with much higher nutritional content. As a general practice, I encouraged my patients to follow a Paleo-based diet. A Paleo-based diet is centered on quality pasture- fed meat and eggs, fruits, and vegetables. Strict avoidance of processed food, and limited intake of grains. For more information, please read this article.

In general, I also encourage patients to increase their fat-intake and reduced their carbohydrate intake. Many people lack enough healthy fats in their diet and this causes them to have inflammatory conditions, blood sugar instability and difficulty losing weight. Eating fat does not make you fat, in fact most people will lose weight by eating more quality fat and less carbohydrates. For more information, please see the following articles.


The body and brain crave movement, yet most of our life we limit the amount motion our bodies go through. I want to emphasize movement as opposed to exercise because ideally our exercise practices would involve a ton of different movements. Sitting has been referred to as the new smoking; meaning excessive sitting is as detrimental to health as smoking.

If there was a medication that could reduce your pain, improve your mood, increase energy, and increase your strength, without side- effects, then you would be very interested in it. That medication does exist and it is free and does not require a prescription, this medication is movement. For more information  please see the movement section of this website.

The Aerobic Lifestyle

The aerobic lifestyle is really another way of saying a Stress-free Lifestyle. Stress is part of life, in fact without stress we would be very bored, however too much of it can be a problem. Your ability to fight infections, recover and avoid injuries, have infinite energy has a lot to do with how your body is able to handle stress. Your ability to handle stress well has a lot more to do with your lifestyle choices than many people would think.

Living the aerobic lifestyle is about aspiring to make lifestyle choices that will improve your ability to handle stress. When it comes to stress management it is all about control what you can control. Our diet, exercise habits, sleep habits, and self-awareness are lifestyle choices that people have control over. The more we can improve these lifestyle choices the better we will be able to handle stress. If we are able to adapt to stress then we will be able to live healthy, joyful, and fulfilling lives. For more information, please see these articles.