Dr. Cooley’s background in engineering has always encouraged him to ask why.  His curiosity for why things occur drove him to discover muscle testing.  He encourages his patients to ask why when they are thinking of their own conditions.  Too often we are caught up with what we have and yet we rarely try to understand why we have it.  In other words:

“Don’t diagnose a name, diagnose a Dysfunctional Process.”

  • Do you have chronic pain then you need to ask “Why am I inflamed?”
  • Do you have allergies/sensitivities then you need to ask “Why is my immune system hyperactive?”
  • Do you have difficulty sleeping or anxiety then you need to ask “Why won’t my nervous system calm down?”
  • Do you have to take a hormone replacement then you need to ask “Why can’t my body make the hormone naturally?”

These are just examples of how Dr. Cooley tries to look at each patient complaint.  In order to answer these questions Dr. Cooley utilizes a variety of diagnostic procedures such as Patient History, lab work, range of motion and muscle testing.  For a more complete look at Dr. Cooley’s treatment approach please see the following links.