During your First Visit

The initial visit is typically 90 minutes in length. This amount of time allows me to take a thorough history in addition to treatment. Prior to the visit, patients are encouraged to download the forms listed on the right-hand side of this page.

The intake forms will seem lengthy but the clearer understanding I have of your health issues the quicker we can come to a resolution.

Most of the treatment evaluation is based on muscle testing responses. I encourage all patients to review the information on muscle testing (Muscle Testing Info). Also, during the initial visit it is a crucial that you can feel the differences that occur when a muscle tests weak vs. strong.

The initial visit will typically consist of a lot of manual therapy performed by myself. The manual therapy is an attempt to address neurological adaptations caused by various injuries. It is not uncommon for the patient to feel muscle soreness following the initial visit but this soreness should subside and will be less likely on follow- up appointments.

More than likely patients will require some form of supplementation on the initial visit. I try to minimize the need for supplements as much as possible but in order to balance your system and reduce inflammation supplementation is usually required.

During Your Second Visit

The second visit is as important as the initial visit because this is where we determine how your body maintained the corrections from the first  visit. The treatment process does not involve an evaluation phase and then a treatment phase. Since we are addressing the nervous system and the nervous system is always adapting, we are always evaluating and treating.

My goal with every patient is to not perform the same treatment twice.

If the correct stressors are identified and patient compliance is good, then the corrections will be maintained. Therefore, the subsequent visits are vital for determining additional stressors to the nervous system.