Excess Homocysteine and Impaired Methylation

The inability to metabolize homocysteine and impaired methylation have significant clinical ramifications. Methylation is a chemical process that occurs a billion times a second in our body.  It has been linked to heart disease, cancer, stroke, autism, seizures and many other conditions. If the patient has difficulty with metabolizing homocysteine they more than likely have difficulty with methylation in general.

Methylation is the ability for our body to add a –CH3 group to a chemical compound. Methylation is an essential component of genetic expression, embryonic development, postnatal development, cancer prevention, immune function, liver detoxification and many other biochemical processes. It is an extremely extensive and broad topic of current research and I cannot summarize all of the clinical ramifications in this small summary.

From a natural health care point of view, impaired methylation can be improved by proper supplementation and overall reduction of toxic load. Manual muscle testing can be a beneficial tool to suspect when a patient may have impaired methylation. In addition, the nutrients required for optimal methylation are checked frequently throughout my treatment protocol during other biochemical assessments.

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